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Brett Weaver is represented by Bonny and Alan Shuptrine of Shuptrine’s Gold Leaf Designs
Brett Weaver
photo credit: Henry Paul

Tennessee native Brett Weaver (b. 1973) works as a full time artist, focusing on plein aire landscapes, painting in a representational style inspired by the early American Impressionists. From small field studies to their translation into larger studio pieces, he works tirelessly creating works that express his fascination with nature and the beauty of creation. Weaver’s hard work and growth as an artist are reflected through recent achievements including the Second Place award at the 11th Annual Carmel Arts Festival and selection among ’21 under 31′ emerging artist in the September 2004 Issue of Southwest Art Magazine.

Being advised to choose a secure career path, Weaver selected a career in civil engineer prior to becoming a full time artist. After completing his education at Tennessee Technological University and working as an engineer for six years, the constant desire to paint and the growing need for a more fulfilling career led him to resign his engineering position and set up a studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he spent six months re-evaluating the focus of his painting.

Through intensive study of the works and methods of Edgar Payne and John Carlson, and other well-respected landscape painters, he has obtained a fresh approach to his own work in the use of color, massing, composition, and other basic principles. His engineering background also provides for a more complete understanding of composition through mathematical principals of force and balance, which are then expanded through artistic creativity.

As a frequent traveler, Weaver roams the country, seeking out the wide-open spaces and distant landscapes that give balance and strength to his own paintings. His travels bring new experiences and opportunities and help to add freshness and variety to his works.

Weaver continues to pursue excellence in his work through a simple, honest and direct approach. He has recently completed workshops with Scott Christensen, Ralph Oberg, and George Strickland. Other influences and favorite artists include Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent, Frederick Mulhaupt and William Wendt. Weaver is an artist member of PAP-SE (Plein Air Painters of the Southeast) and RMPAP (Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters), Professional member of the NAPPAP (National Academy of Professional Plein Air Painters), and an associate member of OPA (Oil Painters of America).