Hubert Shuptrine’s Bios

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Hubert Shuptrine

Hubert Shuptrine works in watercolor with a beautiful sense of the sheer, living consequentiality of his subject and with a skill that makes every picture an event to be reckoned with. He is a Beholder. He is able to enter into objects and people and places with the sense of these things entering into him. -James Dickey, Jericho: The South Beheld

Hubert Shuptrine Mentoring Son, Alan Shuptrine
He didn’t just paint what he saw, but what he saw within…and what a difference! His words could form a painting-his paintings could speak the words. He was more than an artist, more than a chronicler of the dying South-he was a minister to us all, through his art. We need only to study one of his paintings or turn the pages of his books to feel his religious experience.
Alan Shuptrine