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Julie Brown

Julie L. Brown is currently a psychotherapist in private practice. Her career history is as colorful as her art. She has a background that includes commercial lending, exercise physiology, nutrition education, public speaking, and metabolic research. She designed and facilitated a family therapy program for a juvenile court system and has served as an adjunct faculty member at Vanderbilt University and Kennesaw State University. Julie has adapted her career path to her essence. She enjoys weaving meditation, EFT, EMDR, energy healing, music, writing and art with psychotherapy to assist clients. Julie is an abstract artist who sees clients in her home studio, an environment that encourages transformation through creativity. Her paintings are reflections and records of her inner work. Bold color selections and her use of multiple canvases serve as her emotional containers. Julie’s art is a necessary respite for her tender heart. She feels privileged to walk with her clients as they choose to become more conscious, heal and grow. Julie lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband, ten-year-old twin daughters and their dogs, Daisy and Lulu.

Artist’s Statement

I began painting when all of the old ways that I had cared for myself began to fail and I felt like I was sinking under the weight of my emotions. I picked up a paintbrush because I felt overwhelmed and I didn’t know what else to do.

It’s my job to be a safe place for people to express their deepest fears, hurts, regrets, and dreams. I’ve worked as a psychotherapist for 17 years. I was born a sensitive soul who avoids violence and is quick to cry. So what do with all I am still feeling after my clients leave a session? I paint.

Painting is a healing release for me. I believe that my gentle soul is both a treasure that makes my work possible and a vulnerability. Never trust a therapist who’s not in therapy. My paintings are one form of therapy I choose for myself. I have surrounded myself with the colors and textures that have poured out from the deepest parts of who I am. My paintings hold me and affirm me. I believe that I must diligently seek to open up to my essence to be authentic, receptive and present. How can I ask my clients to open their hearts and trust their emotions if I don’t? If my clients only knew how often I am simultaneously dealing with a version of the same issue that brought them to my office. Psychotherapy is a true collaboration of souls.

I believe that following the emotions in the body and transforming the lies of the mind to truth is one of the paths to healing. When you look at my art, ask yourself what emotion you feel. Find the emotion in your body. Without judgment or agenda, acknowledge the emotion, drop the storyline of why you feel that way, and simply give it breath. Start small and build to your more troubling emotions. Tap into your courage and ask for help when you need someone beside you. Trust the wisdom inherent in your emotions. Intend and expect healing. Imagine yourself free from the lie that you are not enough. Enjoy the transformation of simply allowing.