Commission Julie L. Brown

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Julie L. Brown is represented by Bonny and Alan Shuptrine of Shuptrine’s Gold Leaf Designs

“Honing in on your Individual Essence” – Commissioning Artist Julie L. Brown

Julie L. Brown is a psychotherapist in private practice who creatively uses art. She is an abstract artist who paints pieces that are vivid, dramatic, and emotional. Commission Julie to paint a special piece for you, or hone in on your individual essence by personalizing a piece of art with her. Have you asked yourself questions such as, “Where in my life do I desire more peace and joy?” or “Where do I feel stuck”? Julie can help you begin to find your answers within a personalized piece of artwork that will be created by looking deep inside yourself and projecting your emotions onto canvas. Working through the creative process to produce a visual representation of your mind, body, and soul is truly a one of a kind experience. Prices vary depending on size and need. Commissions can be done hourly, or by canvas.

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