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Modern glass artist Kerrick Johnson’s progressive education in the arts began in high school, where he studied painting, jewelry and film at the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC. It is there, while studying ceramics, that he realized “the look I was searching for was glass.” After high school, Johnson studied the art of glassblowing at the New Orleans School of Glassworks, and later under artist Curtiss Brock at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in Smithville, TN. During his time in school, Johnson received five prestigous Niche Awards and the Bacchanal Scholarship.

After graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass and a minor in Art History, he built several glass studios as well as managed a glass studio. In 2005, he launched Kerrick Johnson Glass Studio, and was awarded the competitive ArtsMove grant to build a studio/residence in an developing Chattanooga neighborhood. In 2010, his cold working and metal studio expanded to include a blowing studio.

Artist Statement: Glass has an honest beauty. It has a transparency that carelessly reveals itself to everyone. Glass allows light to enter through its surface and to exit revealing its true structure. Light may bounce, become obscured, or reflect through the glass. But the glass always shows its true self.

This honesty is what attracted me to this material. The ability to make a yellow glow, or a blue intrigue, is a simple but true visual. A polished cut in the glass can reflect the surrounding atmosphere, or make the core colors seem miniature. Glass possesses true qualities that show a story of creation.

These forms reflect movement characteristic of a tree swaying in the wind or an anemone flowing in the current. These lines are accentuated by specific colors to create the harmonious feel of fluid movement. Each piece is created with an individual personality in mind.

The true character comes to life once the work is engraved. The texture adds individuality, personality, and identity. With each groove, the piece comes alive. Every textured mark brings out its personality. The location of the textures start to create the body, then a front, then a rear. Enthusiasm builds as personality starts to show itself. Optics reflect the beauty in arousing ways. The surrounding environment is bounced around the interior so that the atmosphere is absorbed by the work. Colors start to dance. As the viewer moves, the colors and textures start to move. The viewer becomes part of the atmoshere. Each view of the piece is unique to that person. Every perspective, every light source, every atmosphere becomes part of the piece. As the glass becomes part of the environment and environment becomes part of the piece.