Tim Chamber’s Bios

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Tim Chambers is represented by Bonny and Alan Shuptrine of Shuptrine’s Gold Leaf Designs
Tim Chambers


Tim has been painting beautiful portraits for over twenty years. His reputation among portrait brokers and peers is that of a serious collector-caliber artist, rising above the pool of “photo-portraiture” that exists today. His trademark is keen draftsmanship in the expression of form as well as an unusual sensitivity to color. He is especially recognized for his outdoor portraits.


Tim was privileged to learn from his father William Chambers, also a professional portrait painter. From his dad, Tim learned the joy of giving all excellence to your work. He saw his father’s commitment to working deliberately, not carelessly, that there is a purpose to every brushstroke.

Formal Studies

After learning from his father, Tim studied with notable American portraitists Cedric Egeli, Joanette Egeli, and Richard Lack, and was greatly influenced by American Impressionist Henry Hensche. He also studied with Sebastian Capella and Irving Shapiro. Each teacher has left an indelible impression on Tim’s approach to painting.


Years ago, while in his teens, a friend remarked that Tim was easily amused. “I am not so sure that I am easily amused as much as I am greatly awed by the grandeur of life, both in the simple and the complex,” Tim says. “My dad taught me that there is a reason for everything, a purpose, and my mother taught me to enjoy the moment, to laugh easily. As a result, I find great pleasure in seemingly commonplace things and events when seen through the amazing richness and purpose that God gives to life. He says all of life finds its being in Him, and the more I learn who I am in relation to Him the more I am filled with awe and joy and wonder. This is a very good thing for an artist. Actually, it’s a very good thing for anyone. I highly prescribe a sense of awe.”


Tim finds his greatest source of joy and purpose for living in the Bible. From that viewpoint, he responds to nature, great paintings of the past (and some contemporary works), books (art and other topics), and especially from his wife, children, family, and friends.