Gold Leaf Designs

Since 1985, Alan Shuptrine has led a team of skilled artisans in offering the world’s finest handcrafted art frames, furniture, and decorative works of art. Specializing in the time-honored and Old World and traditional methods of gilding, particularly water gilding, our craftsmen create one-of-a-kind frames and treasures to complement important works of art, and interiors. Each frame we create starts with a rough, conceptual design sketch; then, after a more detailed drawing is produced, we begin carving the mouldings which will eventually enhance and complement the art. Our main concern has always been to marry the perfect frame with its painting; after all, the word “frame” in Old English means “to complete” or “to further”. Benvenito Cellini said, in his Italian Craftsman’s Handbook, “Always embellish with real gold; and even if you aren’t fairly paid, God will reward you.” Our reward, after many long hours of master craftsmanship, is to witness the perfect marriage of art and frame. We work with more than 40 major national museums, numerous historical institutions, art galleries, private art collectors, architects, antiques aficianados, artists, and interior design firms. In addition to creating one-of-a-kind frames and antique reproductions, our master craftsmanship and expertise extends into providing the finest gold leaf frame restorations, conservation framing, painting conservation, archival matting and fittings, art consultations, gilding of interiors, lighting consultation, and installations. Alan Shuptrine is now full swing into his new collection of paintings called The Serpentine Chain (, and a 4-museum tour into 2019.