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Shuptrine’s Gold Leaf has a wide range of genuine gold, silver, palladium, metal leaf and supplies. We bring you an unparalleled variety of exquisitely made leaf, adhesives, design powders and cleaning solutions for oil paintings and antique frames. Please visit our website for new updates as we showcase new product lines, including Shuptrine’s brushes and the introducing Shuptrine’s Cleaning Solutions for simple spot cleaning on special gold leaf frames.

We can offer you traditional karats and weights of silver, gold and palladium leaf, used for centuries in the world of design and decoration. We are pleased to offer these products in use in conservation, preservation and new design concepts~ and we offer a full woodworking area to build your designs, however big or small. We work closely with our designers, specifiers and contractors to help achieve any finish. We excel in preserving historical surfaces whether in period frames, architectural designs, and antique furniture~ all leading to beautiful restoration in gold leaf. Gold leaf lends its beauty to virtually any surface: interior and exterior architecture, fine art, picture framing, decorative art, wall covering, furniture, signage, pottery or glass. Whether you are looking for a starter kit for experiencing your first time working in gold leaf, or books of gold leaf for the experienced gilder~ you can counsel with us on how to gild, or take our gilding workshops offered 4 times a year from our experienced gilders and artisans here in the states. Plan your gilding project with us, as we assist in knowledge of 26 years in the business.