Restoration Services

Alan at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville restoring a priceless antebellum pier mirror for the permanent collection. Stablilizing the finish and filling voids with rabbit skin glue and dry ground gesso.

Fully resized with 22Kt gold leaf and antiquing glazes

Shuptrine’s Cleaning and Restoration Services has 25 years of experience in the Disaster Restoration Industry with water and smoke restoration, specializing in furniture, frames, and artwork. We also partner with larger full service restoration global companies in being their choice when it comes to fine art and frame restoration. Recreating an antique frame or painting beyond damage is also another service our artisan staff can provide. When it comes to damage of any kind to fine art and frames- we are the ones to hire for the most competent and quality restoration. Shuptrine’s Cleaning and Restoration Services specialize in any and all gold leaf (About Gold Leaf and Water Gilding) and faux finish repair. We have been asked to work with private art collectors and businesses nationwide on tornado, smoke or water damage especially in already disaster areas of New Orleans, Missouri and the coastlines. We regularly restore antique frames and mirrors which have sustained considerable loss to the original gold leaf layer, as well as loss of ornamentation. Many times we see gorgeous antique frames where the original finish has been covered with gold radiator paint or a multitude of other metallic sundries. These foreign metallic substances cannot be removed from the surface without compromising the original gilding; afterall, genuine gold leaf is sometimes as thin as one atom (1/250,000th in. thick). In any case, and to maintain an antique’s value and integrity, we adhere to the Code of Ethics set forth by the American Institute of Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. Whenever possible, we restore antiques with a minimalistic approach. Our experts first make a careful analysis of the condition of each item to be restored, followed by a proposed treatment strategy. Drawing upon our years of experience, we stabilize the existing structure and finish, artfully carve and cast missing ornamentation from the same original materials, reestablish the original gilded finish where missing, and create an historically accurate patina where any new gilding is applied. We take a lot of pride in our patinations; after 26 years of working with gold leaf, we know how to recreate just about any finish and make it look naturally worn over time through normal handling. With this knowledge, along with our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, we hear the words “I can’t even see where you repaired it” a lot. Mirrors present unique challenges with restorations, as the combination of mirror glass and frame must be treated in a complementary manner. The silvering on the glass of many antique mirrors has aged to a unique and desirable patina. We recommend avoiding resilvering whenever possible; however, if re-silvering is a must, we can provide a silvering patina to complement the age of the frame. Most recently, we worked with the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville restoring a priceless antebellum pier mirror for the permanent collection. To see more of our historical restorations, click here.

An Antique Barometer’s Restoration Journey

This antique barometer was long overdue for some restoration after 262 years of touchups. It still worked and was fairly accurate, having an intricate system of mercury-filled glass tubes and pulleys inside the back panel. As supporters of the Code of Ethics set forth by the American Institute of Conservation (AIC), we strived to restore this old barometer with as little intervention as possible. Click here to see more of the antique barometer’s journey.

Antique Bronze Statue Restoration

The video below shows how Alan Shuptrine uses the ancient art of gold leafing to restore an antique bronze statue back to its original glory.